I am way more comfortable behind the camera but I love this photo that my nine year old took of me in Chicago. I think I found my future second shooter!

Words from my world & things I should tell you about me (maybe).

Hi All!- I am a Central Florida girl, born and raised. I love our beaches and Disney and all the little down towns and parks in between. I would love to capture your story anywhere around the Tampa, Orlando, or Lakeland areas!

1. I have always been the collector of photographs for as far back as I can remember. A picture of my mom and grandparents from 1956? Got it! Random picture of some guy in college with the same birthday as me wearing an orange & blue (Go Gators) wig? Got it! Love these little snapshots of life.

2. I adore old faded trucks. Not any particular year or particular style, just the sentiment behind keeping the old timers going.

3. I do not like pina coladas but I do like getting caught in the rain. Unless there is lightning, then it's a no go.

4. The first incarnation of my photography business was called My Three Fellas Photography in honor of my husband and two boys. Those Three Fellas are my world. :)

5. Vacation is my favorite multi-syllable word. My camera and a cup of coffee go with me on meandering walks through early morning city streets. 

6. Kisses make me happy. Holding hands make me happy. That little symbol of affection between two people. From my husband, from my children. Seeing an older couple still holding hands after 50 years together. Makes my heart melt.

7. I sing out loud. This is not always a good thing.