D & J Florida Southern College Landing, Lakeland, FL

After several months of emailing back and forth, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Desiree & Jon on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at the Florida Southern College Landing here in Lakeland. Desiree had requested old books, an old blanket, and a family photo of everybody (including the family pets) in matching Christmas sweaters for their engagement session. Yes, yes, and even more yes to all of the above.  So loved trying to make their requests a reality!

It turns out, this is one of Jon's favorite Harry Potter books...we almost lost him to the book there for a few minutes. :)

Love the outfits they chose to wear!

This was entirely Desiree's idea and it turned out beautifully!

And then at the very end, this total bit of awesomeness happened....

Desiree & Jon- I cannot wait to be a part of your celebration in June! Thank you so much for choosing me to capture the memories of your special day! As a thank you, if we can get 18 comments on this blog post (there's that number 8 for you!), I will add an extra hour of photography on to your wedding day. 

With Regards- CBlackwell